Sunday, April 5, 2009

Growing up

You know it doesn't really dawn on me how difficult Twins can be till they both start screaming to eat at the same time lol. Last night was so cute had them both laid out and they are Finally starting to "coo" more YAY! So damn cute.And it seems that JR has totally caughten up to his brother size wise. I think Gage will be my shorter fair haired and eyed son. And Jr will be tall dark hair eyes and resemble his father very much.Sleep HOORAY MORE SLEEP! The boys are now only up twice in the night about 2 am then 6 am. I think keeping them on somewhat of a schedule has really helped(Go Figure).

It really breaks my heart though to think of all the things that my husband will miss during his deployment. So much happens in the first year :(. You get to see what acts and resembles a chewed up piece of bubble yum. Change into a spunky lil toddler whos all over the place.And he truly loved the first year watching Reagan.They really do grow up so fast. Seems like I just had Reagan.

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  1. Sleep well my sons, know your father is there, watching you grow up. You both know me very well, because it is ingrained in you. I am not far, and the day will come when you will understand, because it is the same blood in you that is in me. As I also came to understand. It has already been written. Kiss them good night. My boys I love you both, and until i see you next. Dad.